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OK. It's time for Q&A with Mr. Answer Man 
a.k.a. Exhaulted High Poobah Commish.

A Mr. Ed from Balmer County writes .....

"The only issue the 69er franchise has about the draft is the starting time. Unfortunately, there are no commuter flights between BWI and Gaithersburg, so I will have a difficult time making it to Gaithersburg by 6pm. Since this is rush hour, I may be able to get there between 6:30-7pm. I am not management so I can't leave work at 3pm to get to Gaithersburg by 6pm."

EHPC: I recommend getting promoted to management no later than 3pm September 7th this year. The draft will begin 6pmish on that date.

Mr. Ed further writes .....

"Will (the) MAFFL reimburse for gas used to travel to Gaithersburg for the draft?" I think that the going rate is $.40 per mile."

EHPC: Absolutely. Not a problem. I will first collect $.40/mile for my own MAFFL travel expenses over the last dozen years to drafts and other MAFFL functions held in and around the greater Balmer region. You may collect your $.40/mile from whatever funds remain.

From a Mr. R. "Lord Of The" Ring .....

"Can i change my team name to the BOOBKINGS? "

EHPC: Whatever floats your boat. We already have Kelley as Queen of Hearts and I suppose Linardi is Jack of Asses .... so ... sure .... you can be King of Boobs. I look forward to designing your new team logo.

A Mr. Chief Wiz*rd writes .....
"Exhaulted Commish, in Official League media, we prefer to be called "Wiz*rds - Defending 2004 MAFFL Champions". Where's my trophy ?!?"

EHPC: First of all get with the program. The correct way to ask is "Where's my f&$#in trophy!" Annoy me and ask again another dozen times over the summer like a previous MAFFL winner (bru) who will remain (crew) anonymous (avalanchers) and I'll make you wait 2 seasons for your trophy as well.

And finally, yet another letter from Mr. Ed in Balmer County .....
"Year in Year out, the Baltimore 69ers are pathetic. I admit it. Can you help me with a first round draft selection this year?"

EHPC: I have uncovered a sleeper QB for you (see attached photo). She'll be at the draft September 7th , but has to leave early due to other commitments. If you arrive any later than 6pmish, you'll likely miss her. Sorry.

And that's it for this edition of "Ask Mr. Commish". Until next time.

......... Exhaulted High Poobah Commish

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