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    MAFFL 2017
Major Armchair Fantasy Football League

MAFFL - established 1993.

2016 MAFFL Fantasy Bowl XXIV Results:

WIZARDS 106.26

The 24th MAFFL season has ended. Congratulations to the
2016 MAFFL Fantasy Bowl XXIV Champion
on their 3rd MAFFL Championship!

The complete list of all 24 MAFFL Championships may be found in the MAFFL History link.

MAFFL 2017 Draft Information
ONLINE DRAFT NIGHT .... Tuesday, September 5, 2017, 8:00pm

Trash Talking Underway
Don't look here, trash talk over at the Yahoo! League Website.

See MAFFL Rules for additional information.

2016 Champion
The 2006 thru 2016 MAFFL Championship Trophies are, as always, still under construction, and will be presented to the Steamrollers (2006, 2009 champs), Boob Kings (2008 champs), ECS (2007, 2010 and 2011 champs), Wiz**rds (2012 and 2016 champs), Ryan's Team (2013 champs), Blue Mustangs (2014 champs), and Bumper Guards (2015 champs) whenever the hell I get around to finishing them.
...... ECS
2005 Championship Trophy
The 2005 MAFFL Championship Trophy that was awarded to Easy Score.
Link to past MAFFL Trophies

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